Scrapping is a form of grind and loot. To scrap follow these steps below and find a new way to earn some cash in order to sell scraps or even make items out of them!


  1. Go to the character menu(Guide: How to use Character menu) and locate the business tab
  2. Find the Tool category and buy a scrapper, then proceed to purchase it
  3. Equip the scrapper by going into your inventory and pressing use(Guide: How to use Character menu)
  4. Find a Wood Scraps or Metal Scraps item around the map (usually either green cars or wooden furniture)
  5. Use your scrapper on the scraps until you have gotten a scrap from it
  6. Repeat and grind until you have enough
  7. Now you can either sell your scraps by going to npcs around map or craft weapons and items(Guide: Crafting)