Gangs and territories are a faction based system that help promote player cooperativeness and team work. By claiming territories, your gang can then gain more money from the territory, you can also hold trade locations such as scrap so you can make as much money as you like.

Useful Commands

  •  !gang - Opens gang menu if you belong to a gang
  •  !ganginvites - gang invites menu
  •  !gangcreate - create a gang
  • /gchat - talk to your gang mates

Features Edit


  • Gangs claim territories from other rival gangs
  • Rewards for claiming territories
  • Option to allow/disallow building within unclaimed/rival territories


  • Gangs can identify allies, enemies and neutral associations with other gangs
  • Gangs can start wars against each other


  • Gangs use their balance to purchase upgrades for their gang
  • Can add custom upgrade types


  • The bank for gangs
  • Store items/entities


  • Gangs complete achievements and receive awards
  • Can add more achievements


  • Gangs climb to the top of the rankings
  • Features 4 default rankings

Gang Chat

  • A chat that gangs can use to communicate privately
  • Default chat command: /gchat