Crafting is a job that requires time and effort, and these are the steps


  1. First begin with navigating to the character menu by pressing the key "F1" on your keyboard
  2. Proceed to the business tab and proceed to buy a crafting table
  3. Once you buy a crafting table make sure to go to your inventory tab (Guide: How to use Character menu)
  4. Place down the crafting table and hover over it and press use on it, that will then turn it into a useable crafting table. (WARNING: Once you press use on the entity you can not return it back into your inventory
  5. Next you must go to the entity and press your use key, by default that is binded to "e"
  6. Your crafting menu is now open, you can now hover over crafting recipes with your mouse and figure out the required materials
  7. Once you have collected the required materials and scraps(Guide: How to Scrap) you can then craft your item

Happy Crafting! Edit

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