Cars are a valueble thing in the wasteland, That is why you need one as soon as possible, They can get you places fast, you can use them to drag race, and anything else you can think of!

How to get a Car Edit

  1. In chat type !car or !cars this will then open up a menu
  2. Navigate to the Entities Button and select a car you desire
  3. Buy the car then go to the Owned Entities button
  4. Select that car you wish so spawn and press the Spawn button
  5. Let the car spawn(if stuck press e on it to enter and get out)

How to upgrade car Edit

  1. Spawn a car or find one and get inside by pressing E on it
  2. Once inside press your (walk) key. By default this is the left ALT button
  3. Navigate around and look for upgrades you wish to do on your car

Car Controls Edit

  • W - Forward
  • S - Reverse
  • A - Left turn
  • D - Right turn
  • Space - Turn on engine/restart engine(if car is stalled or you see a red engine icon)
  • 1 - Shift into gear/go up a gear
  • 2 - Go back a gear
  • Ctrl - Jump car(usefull for flipping car back over)
  • Shift - Nitro Power